Indigenous Youth Mountain Bike Program

Indigenous Youth
Mountain Bike Program

Ride, Reconnect

Who We Are

The Indigenous Youth Mountain Bike Program is a group of riders, trail builders, community activists and leaders who are passionate about trails, riding, building, reconciliation, and building healthy, resilient and adaptive communities.

It’s not just about mountain biking!

Everyone knows us as the Indigenous Youth Mountain Bike Program, or even more simply, the Trail Guys! But the trails we build with our Indigenous partners and friends have become about so much more.

Public Speaking & Sharing Our Stories

The IYMBP team are highly experienced and engaging public speakers and storytellers. We love sharing our stories and lessons learned through our work as aspiring allies to Indigenous Peoples.

You can follow our story and activities throughout our Youtube Channel: The Trail Guys

Trails & Healthy, Resilient Communities

Trails & Healthy, Resilient Communities

The Indigenous Youth Mountain Bike Program has worked with dozens of First Nations around the province on a broad range of trails and recreation initiatives.

Patrick spoke as a panelist during the International Indigenous Tourism Conference hosted by Indigenous Tourism BC. As one of our few non-Indigenous speakers, Patrick delivered a fun and engaging talk with compelling stories and was a highlight of the conference.
Keith Henry, CEO, Indigenous Tourism Canada Association All testimonials →
I first heard Patrick speak at the International Indigenous Tourism Conference in Whistler, BC. His ability to connect meaningfully with the audience through humour and engaging storytelling is truly impressive. I have had the pleasure to hear Patrick speak many times since that initial conference and each time he has proven to be the hit of the show.
Mike Bellegarde, Saskatoon Tribal Council All testimonials →
Patrick Lucas’ Decolonizing Trails presentation has become a perennial fixture at the University of British Columbia, and his presentation is always the highlight of the course. It is not his voice that is centred, rather it is the stories of the youth, Elders, and communities that drive the plot.
Moss E. Norman, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Kinesiology, UBC All testimonials →
Patrick is a powerful and effective storyteller. His engaging style and performance went beyond all expectations and delivered a webinar that really hit on many important issues within the trail, mountain biking, and the outdoor sector in general
Damyn Libby, Trails BC All testimonials →
People loved hearing about the history of the AYMBP, and your progress in so many different communities. It was informative & inspiring!
Tyler Jordan, President, 7Mesh Cycling Apparel All testimonials →
I’ve never thought about the link between Recreation and Colonialism. I will now, and will work to flip the script! 
Audience member, Arc’Teryx Birdx Talk Series All testimonials →
You, and your work, are such an inspiration to our team!
Jessica O’Dowd, Arc’Terx All testimonials →
Patrick is a community planner who’s pondered how he could contribute to Canada’s essential task of reconciliation. He inspires us to honour First Nations and appreciate how our own identity is enriched by their values, pragmatism, humour, resilience and beautiful spirit.
Sam Sullivan, Public Salon All testimonials →

Get Involved: Publications & Resources

Looking to get involved? There are multiple ways of getting involved and support Indigenous Youth and First Nations.

Read our publication:
Working in a Good Way

Best Practises Guide to Working with First Nations

Working in a Good Way: Best Practises Guide to Working with First Nations

Learn about First Nations

The first best step in working in this space is to get educated and learn about First Nations history, contemporary politics and more. There are many resources and publications.